This post is the eighth in a series from my Caribbean Cruise in February 2015. You can read a review of Ventura, the P&O Cruise Ship I was on, here and find links to the rest of the posts here.

Curacao was another island that I knew very little about when I saw it on the cruise itinerary back in November (to be totally honest the only reason I had even heard of it was because of the drink, Blue Curacao) but I absolutely loved it.

IMG_0664We spent the morning at Blue Bay beach which is part of a holiday resort with a golf course and lots of holiday villas. The beach was absolutely beautiful. Like, breath-taking. It was a similar sort of deal that was available at other Beach Bar-type places we had been to: we paid a fixed price of $10 (I think) for a sun lounger, parasol and wifi. The wifi gave me a chance to refresh some of my Spotify music that was available offline which was MUCH needed. Some of the others went fishing or snorkelling on the beach and they all had a great time but I used the time just to chill and read my book on the beach. It was much needed after lots of port days in a row!


In the afternoon we headed into the town which was really beautiful. You could really see the Dutch influence in architecture of the town; in some places it was almost like a miniature Amsterdam. We spent a couple of hours wandering around and looking at the shops. The whole place had a wifi cloud which was really cool, although my phone ran out of battery within about 20 minutes because I had used it all up on Spotify!

This was one of the most chilled days we had so there I don’t really have much more to say! But I would definitely love to return to Curacao – maybe one day I will be able to buy my own holiday home in Blue Bay to have my own piece of paradise!