I think Wellington is the place that I visited in New Zealand that I would most like to live in. The city is a good size – it’s not so big that you wouldn’t be able to see it all, but it is still big enough that there is enough to keep you busy. I think the city had a really nice atmosphere too and there seemed to be a good arts and culture scene, which is important to me. I didn’t spend very long in the city so this post is by no means exhaustive, but here are three of my favourite things in Wellington.

Cuba Street

Cuba Street is home to lots of good bars and restaurants. We stayed nearby and I would definitely recommend this as a good area to be based in. Even if you’re not staying in the area, it’s the best place to start a night out in Wellington. Cuba Street and the surrounding area is also famous for its vintage shopping and there are plenty of great places to find your latest vintage treasures. You can find out more about New Zealand’s Coolest Street here.

Te Papa

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Te Papa is the National Museum of New Zealand and I would say that it’s well worth a visit. I learned so much! There was an amazing exhibition while I was there about the First World War and it was so interesting to hear about a part of history that I would say I am quite familiar with, from a completely different perspective; it made me realise the limitations of my knowledge and the purely European view I had of something that in reality affected people across the globe. From my trip in general I learned a lot about New Zealand and this was a great place for me to learn more about modern history too.

Mount Victoria


We almost missed seeing Mount Victoria because the weather wasn’t great on the day we had planned to go and then we weren’t sure it would be worth the effort of going on our last day – It was. 100%. We got some amazing photos and loved seeing Wellington from such an amazing vantage point before we headed off on the last leg of our NZ roadtrip.